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Skip Lawrence

Online course 5 lessons designed to uncover everyone's unique painting style. The class requires no airports, restaurants, motels/hotels, or travel.

Every painting is a self-portrait, so "Paint What You Cannot See" and let every mark represent you.

If you are fearful, the image will be uncertain. Follow your instincts and paint as if you don’t give a damn about the outcome. Paint feelings, not things. Work in series and allow each experience to surprise you.

These ideas are calculated to encourage and support your journey as an artist. Do each lesson with enthusiasm and the joy of discovery.

Lesson 1-Expressing emotional ideas without realistic images

Lesson 2-First create the emotion or sense and then add the recognizable subject.

Lesson 3-Start with a formula for making heads and then create the emotions and character of the person or thing.

Lesson 4-By changing the contrast of value or color, we obtain differing ideas and moods.

Lesson 5-Let your instincts begin the painting process by arbitrary application of colors, lines, and textures, impose a dominance based on mood, and complete the image with thoughtful editing,