Let's find joy in making art

Hi, I'm Skip Lawrence a lifelong artist and teacher. I believe making art should be fun and personal. Join me as I continue to evolve and help others looking to find more meaning and joy in their artwork.

Skip Lawrence

Who is Skip Lawrence?

For over 40 years I've been painting and teaching all around the world. I love everything about painting. I love feeling the paint, seeing a rich color spread under my brush onto a surface and the play between colors coming together. I love watching my idea take form until a painting finally says “it” and I am surprised and delighted every time. I love sharing my art and knowing that someone is moved by it.

My experience has shown me that most of us are taught to spend too long learning how to paint before graduating to why we paint. As a teacher, it is my desire and joy to help artists find out what it is that they want to say and to best say it in paint, in their unique way.

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Most recent work

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art please contact me directly.

Skip Lawrence painting: 'Self portrait'
Skip Lawrence painting: 'Poetry of Light '
Skip Lawrence painting: 'White On No'
Skip Lawrence painting: 'On Lookers'
Skip Lawrence painting: 'And So It Goes'

Original Paintings

I have spent my entire life creating art. My style has evolved over the years but what has always remained the same is my love of creating something from nothing.

Painting Workshops

If you are a person who finds happiness in the joys and challenges of making art and want to take your talent to the next level, I can help.

Thoughts About Art

You can find some of my thoughts, comments, questions, and tips about art on my blog.