What Our Painted Images Represent

Every painting we share represents something about us. I love the quote by  Willie Nelson that states,” If all we know of you was your work (paintings) would we know you?” This is a great question and one that we should all take time to answer.

My Paintings Represent:

Places and people I have seen.

My emotional response to people and places I know.

My  beliefs about the people and events that impact on my life.

My aquired skills of technique and design displayed in my work.

My desire to impress my family, friends, and peers with my work.

My desire to make money with my art; appealing to the greatest number of people. .

My desire  to gain admission to shows and societies and win awards.

My search for authenticity in my marks and ideas.

My need for fame, fortune, and recognition (Good luck with this one).

A search of the language of art to include: a study of pictorial space, use of line, color, shape, texture as practical tools for making art.

The ability to convey feelings of mystery, fear, loneliness, celebration, confusion, etc.

A better understanding of who we are and where we want to go will optimize our allocation of time and money as well as evaluating your progress. Do not let anyone convince you that your goals are unworthy.  Many of the most famous artist of our time are charlatans and opportunists.  This can also be said of the most traditional realists.  Only the artist knows their truth.  The only measure of efforts is the authenticity of our work.

“Two Doors”  22″ x 30″   mixed media on paper