The Feeling Tone is the Subject.

OMG I am becoming a minimalist and loving it.  After years of preaching the need for dominance in one’s work, I am following my own advice.  I begin each new painting by deciding on a color, value, or texture dominance.  My first application of paint is not an object but a portrait of the feeling I want to convey.

This is the most telling and exciting part of the process.  I randomly apply colors with sweeping gestural marks without forethought of rightness.  As the process evolves and the feeling tone becomes apparent the editing process begins. It is at this point that I may introduce a representational element. I say may as I do not want anything in this world to be interpreted as being more important than any other part of the image.  The dominant color establishes the feeling tone and that is the subject.

“Cider Time” by Skip Lawrence 

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