The days before Maine

In just a few days we will back out of the garage with a van full of the normal stuff plus one quite Cocker Spaniel name Rothko, an eagerness to share our love of Maine, art, and lobster.  Maine has become our second home.  We have as many friends there as we have in Maryland.  We swap blue crabs for lobster, heat for cool weather, rolling fields for a rolling ocean, and interstates for quiet shady back roads.

14:5 oyster


I have long since lost the desire to paint the scenery of Maine and now cherish the cool days and nights that seem to open my mind to possibilities of creation rather than imitation.  Days start early in Maine with sunrise circa 4 AM and sunset a 10 PM.  This schedule allows for many thoughts and actions.  Some actions include trips to great eating spots, museums, and idleaic places of rest. I never know where thoughts originate or will lead. My only job is to stay open to new thoughts  excite and reveal who I am.

14:3 Torn




Rothko the “wonder dog”


  • Eilen

    Jun 20, 2014 at 1:05 am Reply

    So glad u have a new pup to share your days and nites–being pupless is just doesn’t work even when there is a hole in your heart– maybe ESPECIALLY when..
    Save room for me in maine next yr.. That Maine feeling is a mind worm that won’t let go… I tried the old Skip addage, ” some of you could probably do just as well if you painted a whole week at home…” Yea, well, maybe not.. And maybe MMOA is not in the cards for all of us ..but laughing and squeezing tubes and smearing paint can certainly be, if that’s what u love .. So.. There!!! Hope this round is especially rewarding in thought, word, and deed. Sending colorful thoughts and love to all the crew!!! E from Sequin — I mean SeGuin!

  • Judy Ballance

    Jun 26, 2014 at 3:44 pm Reply

    Sounds delicious in many ways.

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