Skip’s Famous Maine Workshop July 2018

Every summer for the least 40 years I have conducted painting workshops in Maine. In 1978 I was totally committed to watercolor and all that goes with being a “watercolorist”. In 1976 I attended a workshop with Edgar Whitney. This was my first painting workshop and consequently I followed Ed’s routine. Each day there was a panting demonstration, painting time, and critique, a full day for sure.

In 2018 my Maine workshop is very different with 2 group critiques a week, Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon, and private consultations all day. Demonstrations as need dictates some group and others private.

In the early days of my teaching there was not a great deal of variety in the work produced. Design ruled with only a minor bow to unique content.
Todays students take chances, think independently, seek creativity, and to have their work to be unlike their peers.

If interested in attending gone of Skip’s workshops go to:

Here are examples of some works produced in my 2018 Maine Workshops.


  • ruth Kaldor

    Jul 26, 2018 at 11:57 am Reply

    I’m still in the mode of watching the demo and then trying to paint like the teacher but bored with it. If Im still a bit conservative and trying to find my painting style would I still be comfortable with all your rebel students? I would love to budget for next summer and attend your workshop.

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