Pine Disease makes for interest paintings

The White Pine trees of Maine, and other states, are dying from a disease. Needle blight pathogens have been a primary issue affecting white pine since approximately 2010.While this is unfortunate for many woodland creatures and insects it offers me a visually exciting palette.  The edge of pine forest that border many Maine roads become a hedge of broken pine limbs, physically impenetrable and visually mesmerizing ,  that I find compelling.  So, the summer of 2017 features many painting of a thicket of dying pines.


  • kelly thomas

    Oct 22, 2017 at 1:50 pm Reply

    Mr. Lawrence, I have just discovered you. I travel with a friend once a year to look at art. Where are the galleries that represent you? Which galleries have the most paintings at any one time?
    Thank you…Kelly

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