Maine, Art, and Us 2020

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Maine are all glistening on the horizon. Do not let the first three outshine the last, Skip’s Maine workshops. For information go to

Pemaquid Point-An abundance of beauty for inspiration and painting subject matter.

The village of Round Pond, is within minutes.

Great food!

History – Fort William Henry \

Science-Rachel Carson’s Salt Pond

White sandy beaches – you bet

Hotel Pemaquid- lodging and workshop headquarters.

Oh, and did I forget to include making art.

Skip Lawrence

Skip Lawrence

I love everything about painting. I love feeling the paint, seeing a rich color spread under my brush onto a surface, and the play between colors coming together. I love watching my idea take form until a painting finally says “it” and I am surprised and delighted every time. I love sharing my art and knowing that someone is moved by it.