August 2018 and Me


The Stuff of Painting Making’  30″x 22″   acrylic on paper              $1850

I keep getting notices that 865 people want me to write something. I know that this number is a bit exaggerated, but for those of you who actually want me to write something.

Well, here goes.

The response I received from the painting “Ball Jar Brush Holders” is tremendous and I want to thank each of you for the kind words. I have been painting but with nothing outstanding – too damned hot to think of much else.

Everywhere I go the conversations include “it’s the heat or it’s the humidity.” People walk more slowly; talk a little more declaratively about everything from politics, religion, and their local sports team. None of this makes much of a difference in our lives except to keep us on that lighted box we call the computer.

Let us all try to be more productive, generous, and willing to look at the other person’s opinion. Oh, and get back to making stuff such as painting, sculpting, writing and even singing.




  • Jonlee Nunn

    Jan 14, 2019 at 10:58 am Reply

    Skip, your “Stuff of painting” piece jumped out at me, reminding me of what an artist you are. Fabulous work that holds my attention. The rich, varied under painting makes the background come alive. This shows all the element of good painting you teach. Hooe to see you in Portland, Or. in April.

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