Portland Oregon April 28 – May 3, 2019

Workshop Details

Price: Contact for more info

Contact Name: Ruth Armitage

Contact Phone: 503-998-5833

Contact Email: artistruth5405@gmail.com

Contact Website: http://rutharmitage.com/skip-lawrence-registration-2019/

Portland Oregon

Start Date: April, 29 2019

End Date: May, 03 2019

Workshop Overview

“Studio Stuff”  by Skip     acrylic on prepared surface            30″ x 22″


Whether you have been painting for years, or are just starting out, it is important to have a well-stocked and organized “toolbox.”
That doesn’t mean the brushes and paint and widgets and gadgets, but the design ‘tools’ you use to make creative decisions. If you have ever felt stuck and wondered why, specifically, your art is just not working and what it needs to work, this is where to start.If you have been frustrated because painting a ‘good’ one seems more like a happy accident than a consistent expression, this is where to start. If you are not sure why some paintings take flight and others just can’t get off the ground, this is where to start. A grasp of these not-so-basic design tools will give you a clear, workable, consistent, repeatable process for making creative decisions. When you get stuck, these tools give you a way ‘out of the weeds’, a way of evaluating what’s not working and a way to get your art back on your expressive course.

These design principles and vocabulary are what Skip uses in all his

If you have never taken a workshop with Skip this is the perfect way to become familiar with his design language and art philosophy. If you have studied with Skip once or a dozen times, these lessons and exercises become an ongoing revelation, as your art process matures and evolves.