Madeline Island School of the Arts at Santa Fe, NM, Feb 3-9, 2019

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Madeline Island School of the Arts
Phone:: 715-747-2054

Start Date: February, 04 2019

End Date: February, 08 2019

Workshop Overview

There are 2 large decisions necessary when launching into a new painting. One is what to paint the other is how am I going to paint it. Here are my ideas for the MISA Santa Fe workshop. On day one everyone will bring his or her chosen subject, figure, landscape, still life, or abstraction. I believe it is the best idea to pick one subject for the week rather than jumping from one subject to another. This can be from a photo, drawing, sketch, or imagination. The week will be given to exploring that choice in every way possible to produce work that is most appropriate and personal for each student. Through demonstrations, lectures, and critiques, both private and group, we will wend to finding our truest voice in painting.
I begin each workshop with a private consultation of about 15 minutes, with each student. It is here that we make a plan for the week.

After you have explored all the “how too’s” of painting, you are still stuck with the “why?’ Without a clear declaration of what one wants to say in one’s painting, it can become just an imitation someone else’s work. Skip challenges painters to rewrite the rules their way, to consider their choices and shake up their status quo. Through lecture, demonstration and critique Skip guides each painter to refine their intention and express it in new and honest ways. No one else but you can say what you want to say in paint—why settle for less? With insight, warmth and humor, Skip brings out the best in each painter.