Hudson River Valley Workshops 2019

Workshop Details

Price: Contact for more info

Contact Name: Kim LaPolla

Contact Phone: 5189665219

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Greenville Arms
P.O. Box 659
Greenville NY12083

Start Date: September, 30 2019

End Date: October, 04 2019

Workshop Overview

Greenville NY is a beautiful village in the fall and the Greenville Arms is a great place for a workshop. My class is not plein air but rather based on clear ideas. I am very much opposed to teaching art as an imitation skill.  Each student is encouraged and helped to find their most authentic way of painting. Realistic, abstract, or non-objective are all welcome styles with nonbeing better than the others. Each day begins with a group breakfast followed by a day of painting and shared information, that naturally eases into good wine, conversation, and a fine dinner. Sounds like fun? it is!

Studio Stuff


In preparation for the class, I ask you to:

On the first morning, I will present a Keynote slide show featuring your work. This is to familiarize everyone in the class with what everyone is doing. Please do not think of them as competition. In a painting workshop, we are all equal and subject to the same anxieties no matter how accomplished or new to painting.

Send me 2 digital images of your recent work. The size is not critical circa 8”x10” @ 72 dpi will work just fine.

I shoot my photos in direct sun (there is no light on earth as bright or clear).

Make certain that the edges are square and the image in focus.

Send a head shop, of you; just so fellow students can connect your work to your face.

Send images to me at least 1 month ahead of the workshop starting date.



P.S. If you are, for any reason, unable to take photos of your work and send them to me do not worry. Just show up with a few originals.