Hudson River Valley Workshop Oct 4-10, 2020

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Start Date: September, 29 2019

End Date: October, 05 2019

Workshop Overview


“Celebrate Fall”  by Skip    22″x 30″ a/p

Fall is the time we celebrate color and there is no better place to celebrate than at a Skip Lawrence workshop in Greenville NY.  The Grenville Arms resort is located 30 miles south of Albany in the middle of the Hudson River Valley.  The hotel resort is perfect for those wanting to give their complete attention to making art.  The class size is limited to 20 students, breakfast and dinner are included, and there is no better teacher than Skip Lawrence.

In this five-day workshop with Skip Lawrence, he will discuss how the best approach to making art is the simplest idea done to perfection and the language of painting is based on design. Skip will cover five considerations for painting over the course of the workshop – one per day.

  • the dominance of an element
  • deciding on the most appropriate contrast of value, color, line or texture for the subject
  • making interesting and dynamic shapes
  • treatment of edges hard, soft, broken
  • what to do inside our well-designed shapes

We think of these as the words we use to write, but it is the story we are sharing, based on observations, emotions and beliefs that make our work unique. Content (idea) and Form (tools) are absolutely a must if we are to make meaning art. No one other than you can decide what your content is and the form that will best deliver your ides.  So, Skip will ask each student to come to the first day of the workshop with and idea (subject) real or imagined and decide the tools that are most appropriate for your story.

 “October”  by Skip 30″ x 22″   a/p

                                                                           “Victorian House”  By Skip acrylic on canvas   40″x 30″

Skip Lawrence

Sun, October 4 to Sat, October 10 2020
Plan Thoughtfully – Paint Vigorously with Skip Lawrence
Medium: All Media
Level: All Levels
Location: Studio

About Skip Lawrence

Skip Lawrence is an articulate teacher who brings warmth and humor to his classes. He is a chief contributor and editor for the exciting instructional magazine, The Palette, has written articles for many publications, and is the author of books and painting videos.

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