Creative Escape Workshops Sebastopol, CA May11-15, 2020

Workshop Details

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Creative Escape Workshops
1489 Schaeffer Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Start Date: May, 06 2019

End Date: May, 10 2019

Workshop Overview

Light Path, by Skip 22″x 22″ a/p


These design principles and vocabulary are what Skip uses in all his classes.
If you have never taken a workshop with Skip this is the perfect way to become familiar with his design language and art philosophy. If you have studied with Skip once or a dozen times, these lessons and exercises become an ongoing revelation, as your art process matures and evolves. Appropriate for all levels and all media.

Day 1  Choosing a dominance that is appropriate for YOUR subject matter.  The choice can be figure, still-life, landscape, abstract or non-objective (this is where your personal taste is manifest. )

Day 2 What contrast is most essential for the  subject chosen. Value, color, color intensity, line, shape, etc.

Day 3 Will the shapes you choose be organic, geometric, naturalistic, abstracted, etc.

Day 4 Edges are important in expression and composition  We will explore how edges move our eyes, build rhythms, describe space and form.

Day 5 Texture and line-how to use these elements expressively.

Each day there will either be a demonstration, prevention of ideas, or group critique.



“Studio Stuff”   by Skip               acrylic on prepared paper                                30″ x  22″