Skips’ Famous Maine Workshop , June 19-25 and/or June 26-July 1, also July 10-16, and/orJuly 17-23, 2022


“On The Edge”, a/c 24″ x 24″

“Challenge” 48″x70″
acrylic on canvas


You may be asking, after viewing my paintings, why am I going to Maine and not painting boats and rocks. I understand the question.  In 1974 when I taught my first workshop in Maine I did paint the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse with seagulls and surf. I could not imagine painting the same subjects for 40 years. I have gone to Maine every year since 1974, but now I go because I love cool weather, beautiful scenery, lobster, and long-time friends.

You do not have to paint what you see.  Try painting what you cannot see,  you know, things like mystery, joy, love, shock, and even the sound of a foghorn.  These emotions or senses are just as real as trees and bees but require a bit me thinking. What we think about is what we have knowledge of. Thinking is the soil where creativity and imagination grow.

On day one of my workshops, I ask all students to create 4 small images representing emotions you cannot see.  Try it, you will like it and surprise yourself.

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