Skip Lawrence’s “Not-So-Basic-Basics” August 5-10, 2018


“Pencil Tin” acrylic on paper

If you are ready for a painting workshop that will exceed your best expectations, here it is!

Skip Lawrence’s “Not-So-Basic-Basics,” Art Workshop

Appropriate For All Levels, Styles and Media

August 5-10, 2018,

at Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center, Marriottsville, MD

For full Workshop info and enrollment, contact Diane, 301-471-2420,


Bon Secours Conference Center is the perfect balance of a place to work and a place of comfort and support.

The studio is big and bright, with large windows that look out to beautifully landscaped surroundings. Each artist gets a 6′ table with room to move in every direction.  The studio is available 24/7.

The guest rooms each feature a queen size bed, walk in shower, quiet temperature controlled units.  Studio and guest rooms are conveniently housed in the same building.

Once you arrive at the center there is no reason to go anywhere else. The cafeteria serves three freshly prepared meals a day, with reserved seating for our group. There are  walking trails, a meditation garden, pond, gardens and even a labyrinth on the 330 acre grounds. A special treat for the August workshops the lovely full sized swimming pool.

Those coming by plane will arrive at Baltimore Washington International (BWI) which isa convenient  30 minutes from Bon Secours Center.  Once you arrive, you do not even need a car.

The “No-So-Basic-Basic” Workshop–  My teaching philosophy is to give every student the tools they need to make beautiful personal paintings. The “No-So-Basic-Basic” workshop differs from the mentored workshops as I emphasize the building blocks of making art in ways many artists are unfamiliar with. Even for experienced artists, it is always refreshing to see things in new ways and open to new options. This applies to every media and every style, whether representational or abstract or non-objective.

Day 1 – How to arrange and distribute the shapes and spaces of the composition.

Day 2 – How to make interesting and expressive shapes whether realistic or abstract)

Day 3 – How to decide on the most appropriate contrast between shapes (value, color, intensity, texture, etc.)

Day 4 – What to do inside the beautiful shapes you have designed.

Day 5 – How to create harmony and theme with all the stuff we have been working on.

I use programs, demonstrations and a lot of hands on painting exercises to bring the daily lessons to life.

Note:  This is not a “how to paint like Skip” class.  I want you to learn how to create YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC WORK by using the language of image building.

I encourage students in the workshop to work everyday with the same subject. By focusing on one subject, the artist can explore in a more in depth way. This subject could as simple object, an image from a photo, of even an imagined place or felt emotion. This saves time and actually allows you to relax. Takes the pressure to “come up with something” every day.  By painting the same subject each day you can clearly see and measure the change and progress in your work.

For full Workshop info and enrollment, contact Diane, 301-471-2420,


The last day of the March 2018 mentored workshop. What a great group!

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