Permission and Freedom

I have found that when students are given permission to explore ideas about making art the results are exactly what we all profess to be the ultimate – personal and creative images. The question is do we really want to be creative artist or imitators of what has gone before. Here is the syllabus I am presently sending to prospective students and workshop organizers. (March 2013).  Here are a few of the results form students;


Susan Schumacker


2013-03-15 07.48.57

Janet Harrel


Peggy B 2

Peggy Bekeny

Kathryn Hart Folded figure

Kathryn Hart


Skip Lawrence Workshops


Philosophy – I believe that form follows function.  That techniques and materials are just the tools we use to present our ideas.   Ideas are what drives original art. It takes many   trials and errors to find your unique mark as an artist. Realism, abstraction, or non-objective styles have nothing to do with quality.  What we all seek in art is authenticity of feelings, ideas and presentation. I have found that when students are simply given permission and encouraged to move beyond the ‘rules’ whole new possibilities open to them and their art becomes more honest, exciting and satisfying.


How the class works – Each student is guided to help them find their authentic voice.  Their success depends less on skill or experience or media, but on their willingness to look at their own goals and move beyond their status quo. During the week we will have a half hour private consultation to talk about direction and possibilities in technique and ideas. Please bring 10 digital images of your favorite paintings on flash drive or disk to the consultation.


Each day I will make a presentation featuring different artist, ideas, and even some technical approaches.  I will also do two demonstrations a week for those interested in how I work just as I am interested in how you work. This will give you maximum time to paint.  During that time when I am not in consultation I will be available for questions.


The class is an ART workshop and all media are accepted.  You will want to bring any materials you may want and remember there is an art store but the prices are full retail.


  • Ruth

    Apr 3, 2013 at 11:26 am Reply

    You are very good at making it easy to try new things. I am still working on my new series, and loving it. Thanks for sharing the above work!

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