“Marks & Gestures” by Skip Lawrence 30″x22″ mixed media on paper


price  $1923 each

The longer I think about making art the more I understand that there should be no rules about making art. For my entire life, I have searched for the secrets of making art only to come to the realization that formal answers are never going to get me where I want to go.  Linear and aerial perspective, principals of design, elements of art, color theories, what media to use, and how to use them are all the things that keep an artist from FREEDOM.  If art is not about being free then it is not art but science.

The images presented here are the latest paintings I have made.  These images mean nothing.

Even the titles where created after the paintings were completed

“Marks of Life” 30″ x 22″ a/p

“The Crowd, the crowd” 30″ x 22″ a/p

“Personalities” 30″x 22″ a/p

“Energy of the Force”, 22″ x 30

“Letters, Numbers, Figures” 22″ x 30″ a/p

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