July Maine Workshop New Harbor

At the mid point of the 2 week workshop, with an emphasis on WORK, the class thrills and amazes me and each other with their unique imagery. This most certainly is not your mother/fathers watercolor workshop. There is little talk about technique or materials. Only ideas are honored.
                                                July Class Pemaquid Point , Maine 2012



  • Barbara Jones

    Jun 5, 2013 at 11:57 am Reply

    Hi Skip: 1999, yes, that is many moons ago, but I
    never forget the workshop in Taos, with Mary Large.
    Kalamazoo, mi. My how your creativity has shifted to
    more freedom, intuition, and I love it. I have one of
    your large paintings in my livingroom as a great reminder of our time tog. Today is Mary Large’s funeral. age 82. Please to see you are still doing
    work and isn’t that what’s it’s about, holding on the
    treads, our inner freedom/tension and letting it fly.
    Happy summer . Barbara Jones, Kalamazoo, mi.

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