1. A Presentation Alternative.

    There are those among us, that in addition to painting on canvas and panel, like the surface of paper.  If , like me , you enjoy works on paper, but do not like the need to present these images under glass here is an alternation.  The image shown is done […] Read more

  2. A Change in Direction

    Several months ago my work took a new direction.  Actually it was not my work that took a new direction it was my intentions that changed. The sequence of change went something like this: Christopher Schink was working on an article about styles and interpretation and asked a number of […] Read more

  3. Jurors Statement

    Have recently judged the The Rocky Mountain National and the San Diego Watercolor 34th International Exhibition the opportunity to share my thoughts on the process of judging and being judged. The decision to enter a competition  should be considered.  What do you hope to gain by entering a juried show? […] Read more

  4. Maine July Class 2014

      Another great 2 weeks of shared passions. These artist surprize me everyday with their creativity, enthusiasm, diligent quest authentic imagery.  They are also very enthusiastic about the after class “wall wall meetings” that have become a tradition like non other. Read more

  5. June Workshop 2014

    What a great first workshop for Maine 2014 the weather was perfect as was the class.  Diverse, enthusiastic, committed, and fun are the words most appropriate to describe the students.  I look forward to following their journey and to the opportunity to be their coach in the future. Read more

  6. The days before Maine

    In just a few days we will back out of the garage with a van full of the normal stuff plus one quite Cocker Spaniel name Rothko, an eagerness to share our love of Maine, art, and lobster.  Maine has become our second home.  We have as many friends there […] Read more

  7. Freedom To Make Your Mark

    Read more

  8. Maine Workshops 2013

      The Maine workshops were exceptional.  Both the June and July classes were filled with creative, provocative, mysterious, daring,and personal works of art. There was also lots of fun. After class get together Here I am demonstraing a new stamping technique. The 4 O’clock “Wall meeting” where we share profound thoughts. […] Read more

  9. Permission and Freedom

    I have found that when students are given permission to explore ideas about making art the results are exactly what we all profess to be the ultimate – personal and creative images. The question is do we really want to be creative artist or imitators of what has gone before. […] Read more

  10. Making Thoughtful Choices

      Choices The Renaissance period of western culture (1300-1600) provided for the art education of young men (girls were not included) in a practical and effective way.  Adolescent boys were shipped off to the studio of a master craftsman to be guided in the rules and skills of the craft. […] Read more