1. Quiet Connections

    Quiet Connections   acrylic on canvas 30″ x 30″   Read more

  2. The bright side of Covid.

    Well, May is here and hope springs eternal.  I did take advantage of the long periods of time I had to think and paint.  Thinking is the biggest and most important part of creating art. While I do know that painting can be challenging and even frustrating it is a […] Read more

  3. Skips’ Famous Maine Workshop 2021, June 28-July3, July 5-9, July 12-16

          For  Complete information go to” Read more

  4. Exhibit of Recent paintings by William (Skip) Lawrence at the Delaplaine Art Center

    “My most creative and personal work.”    Read more

  5. Moments of Insight, by Skip Lawrence

    Art is always changing, and our response to these changes is a portrait of what we do with evolution. In October of 2019, at the end of a workshop, I laid out a grid of 30 rectangles with the intension of making arbitrary marks inside each box.  When dry, I covered […] Read more

  6. Ideas Come from Thoughts

    There is no such thing as a bad idea,  only ideas that are not thought, reasonably tested, and acted upon. Initial ideas are generally thoughts that lead to more complicated ideas. The scenario oftentimes goes like this:   I want to paint, what will I paint, how will I paint, […] Read more

  7. Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor, by Skip Lawrence

    Painting Light & Shadow in Watercolor now has a page on the Echo Point web site; the url is   For all who have requested were to get my, out of print book, here is the information.  The publishers did an outstanding job.  I hope you will enjoy the […] Read more

  8. Students work Maine workshop 2019

    Student work from Maine workshop 2019 Barbara Chapman Read more

  9. The Feeling Tone is the Subject.

    OMG I am becoming a minimalist and loving it.  After years of preaching the need for dominance in one’s work, I am following my own advice.  I begin each new painting by deciding on a color, value, or texture dominance.  My first application of paint is not an object but a […] Read more

  10. Skip’s Maine workshop 2019

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