1. “Marks & Gestures” by Skip Lawrence 30″x22″ mixed media on paper

      price  $1923 each The longer I think about making art the more I understand that there should be no rules about making art. For my entire life, I have searched for the secrets of making art only to come to the realization that formal answers are never going to […] Read more

  2. “Not-So- Basic-Basic” painting workshop at Bon Secours Conference Ctr.

    August 12, 2018- Just completed a another workshop at BonSecours Conference Center in Marriottsville, Maryland. I always begin my description of a just finished workshop with high praise and excitement. I imagine that some readers might question the possibility that every workshop is great. There is no exaggeration in my […] Read more

  3. Santa Barbara class declares Independence

    Students Paintings  When people are encouraged to be more creative  than imitative in their art making, their true nature, style, and voice are free to explore.  I offer these examples as proof. I just returned from conducting two one week workshops in Santa Barbara, CA sponsored by Ruth Ellen Hoag […] Read more

  4. Making the Unseen Visible or Choosing A Different Reality by Skip Lawrence

    Dianne Schelble’s love affair with Chase’s Market – seen and felt.   I have been privileged to share some very special moments with some very special people, artists. Artists who are excited about new awarenesses that move their art to a new level. The most wonderful thing about these moments is […] Read more

  5. The Concept of Content

    The Concept of Content   There seems to be confusion about the ideas of content.  It is really very simple the question is where are you trying to go? Generally Form does follows Content.  That means that first you decide on an idea and then you make a plan as […] Read more