“And So It Goes” by Skip Lawrence acrylic on canvas 48″x60″

Price $8200

“And So It Goes”  references a sequence of events that led to its making.  Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, where I buy all my supplies, had a deal on canvases and since I have been painting, a lot during this period of sequestration, I ordered 10 canvases.  The size limits for shipping directly from CJAS were such that the largest sizes would have to be delivered by big trucks other than UPS or FedEx. Shipping is expensive so I decided on the largest size I could get by UPS/FedEx, 48″ x 30″.  When they arrived I was not happy with the proportions.  A friend suggested I make the two into one, a diptych, 48″x 60″.  It worked!

Large canvases offer new experiences, some good some challenging.  My only advice is to use tools that are proportionate to the size of the surface.



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