Monthly Archives: May, 2020

  1. “Marks & Gestures” by Skip Lawrence 30″x22″ mixed media on paper

      price  $1923 each The longer I think about making art the more I understand that there should be no rules about making art. For my entire life, I have searched for the secrets of making art only to come to the realization that formal answers are never going to […] Read more

  2. “And So It Goes” by Skip Lawrence acrylic on canvas 48″x60″

    Price $8200 “And So It Goes”  references a sequence of events that led to its making.  Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, where I buy all my supplies, had a deal on canvases and since I have been painting, a lot during this period of sequestration, I ordered 10 canvases.  The size […] Read more