Monthly Archives: February, 2012

  1. Freedom From, so called, Facts.

        The very best days I spend in my studio are the days I paint without a thought as to how to paint. Several days ago, after having one of these magical studio days, Diane and I were sharing our usual adult beverage time, when I said to her, […] Read more

  2. Preparing For a Painting Workshop

        The decision to enroll in a workshop, with the investment of time and money it will require,  should be taken seriously. A little preparation can make the difference between happiness and disappointment. In  my experience students too often take workshops based on what the teachers paintings look like.. This is a […] Read more

  3. Exercising Your Artistic Eye

    If you have ever been guilty of making painting more complicated that it need be- try this approach. Find an object, preferably an object that is interesting in shape, trace it on several pieces of watercolor paper, canvas, or board and without looking at the object experiment with trusting your eye to […] Read more