Whistle Stop Studio Santa Barbara CA Feb.20-24 and Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017

Workshop Details

Price: Contact for more info

Contact Name: Ruth Ellen Hoag

Contact Phone: 805-689-0858

Contact Email: ruth@ruthellenhoag.com

Contact Website: www.ruthellenhoag.com

Ruth Ellen Hoag
Whistle Stop Art Studios
115A Kimberley Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA

Start Date: February, 20 2017

End Date: February, 24 2017

Workshop Overview


Preparing for Skip’s Whistle Stop Workshop 2017

Skip Lawrence’s Not-So-Basic-Basics

When you have outgrown the basics and the old ‘should’ and should nots’ of painting, then you are ready for Skip’s Not-So-Basic-Basics. With fifty years experience in guiding artists to their most authentic, personal expression, Skip Lawrence knows exactly how to get you there, too.

Your range of choices in your paintings increase by quantum leaps, once you add these tools to your design vocabulary. These Not-So-Basic- Basics give you the creative confidence to break the old rules and make art decisions that truly express YOU. It IS all about you!

If you have never taken a workshop with Skip, this is the perfect way to become familiar with his design language and art philosophy. If you have studied with Skip once or a dozen times, these lessons and exercises become an ongoing revelation, as your art process matures and evolves.

This is a structured class appropriate for all levels and media.

I am excited about this time together and sharing ideas and new approaches

William B. (Skip) Lawrence received a B.F.A. degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art and M.A. degree from Towson University.  His book, Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor, was published in 1994.  Skip is editor-and-chief of “The Palette Magazine”.  Website:  www.skiplawrence.com with blog.