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I never know what will catch my eye and initiate a new series.  Two metal chairs are the subject of my most recent exploration. I cannot recall where I spotted these particular treasures but my immediate step into this rabbit hole was found to be rewarding.  A small sketch of two circle shapes centered at the bottom of a small sheet of drawing paper spawned the first image.

Fall Seats 11″x 11″

These metal lawn chairs, a.k.a. “motel chairs”, “shell back chairs” and I know there are many other names usually associated with different regions of the county, come in ever color and every stage of disrepair.  The large curved back, flat seat, and tubular legs and arms make for many interesting form decisions.  Couple the physical form with the emotional content and these overlooked subjects are treasures for the artist eye and ease to sore feet and tired minds.


“Arm Chair”   20″x 20″acrylic on paper

I have an affection for Adirondack Chairs born of my many summers in Maine.  The wide level flat arms are not  only beautiful proportioned for the scale of the chair but very handy for a 5 o’clock cocktail. Everything in Maine seems to be forever absorbed my the spirit of the unique atmosphere of the state. This awareness is evident in my decision to meld the chair into the space of the ground.

“Motel Chairs” 32″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas

Years of  painting, scraping, and painting again plus rust, pealing and bird droppings is a record of the life and times of these yard warriors. Pink flamingos hold little interest of me, but rusting lawn chairs are-ah!

Preakness Fay 32″x 40″ oil on canvas

My wife, Diane, and I have a set of four of these chairs stationed around a glass top table in a garden next to our home.  Our chairs have had the normal number of repairs and continue to add comfort to our lives and subject matter to my art. I coupled my affection for chairs with the horse racing event of the Preakness near my home in central Maryland.

How often do we overlook the subjects that present themselves everyday.



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