1. Inspiration or New Language

    New Yorker Mag 2015 Change Handwriting Can Change Thinking ? There was a time when people used pencils to write letters and there were  handwriting analyst who by seeing ones handwriting could make a personality profile of the writer.  It was also thought that by changing ones handwriting one’s personality […] Read more

  2. In Search of the Next

    My most recent post is a reprint from “The Palette Magazine”, that I hope and trust that anyone reading my post will be a subscriber. The transition from scissor to pencil is equally interesting to me as it allows full range to creative possibilities.  Most of what I now create […] Read more

  3. Freedom From, so called, Facts.

        The very best days I spend in my studio are the days I paint without a thought as to how to paint. Several days ago, after having one of these magical studio days, Diane and I were sharing our usual adult beverage time, when I said to her, […] Read more